Karen Mason, Ph.D.

About Dr. Mason
Roof of Colorado
What is your theoretical orientation?
My theoretical orientation is Cognitive Behavioral. That means that I focus on how you think about your situation and what you do as a result.

Will I impose my values on you?

It is unethical for me to impose my values on you. I will incorporate values if they are relevant to our work or if you request a focus on your values.

Is the information I share confidential?
The information you share during therapy sessions is legally confidential and privileged. The only time I will share information with others is if you give me permission to do so, or if a judge orders me to, or if you are in danger of hurting yourself or another, or if there is suspicion of  abuse or neglect of children, disabled persons or elderly. In addition, I may consult about your treatment without revealing identifying information. I reserve the right to send your account to a collection agency if your balance is in arrears by 30 days. This agency will only receive information relevant to collecting your fee and no information about the content of your therapy will be provided.

Do you have a partner you work with?
I sublet an office but my practice is independent. I can refer you to another competent professional if you so request.

How do you handle emergencies?
While emergencies sometimes occur, in general, private practice is not appropriate for clients who are in need of 24-hour care. Therefore, I do not work with individuals who are likely to require frequent psychiatric hospitalizations or emergency services. If you or I think you may need such back-up services, I can refer you to another competent professional.

What is your area of expertise?

I mostly work with adults. The adults I work with are experiencing any number of difficulties such as career questions, depression, anxiety,  adjusting to a difficult situation or
couples difficulties. I have worked with many people who have experienced trauma in their lives. I have worked with people with major mental illnesses. Given enough interest, I can deliver a career workshop for a group.

Can you prescribe medication?
No, a medical professional such as your primary care physician or a psychiatrist can prescribe medication for you.